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Maintenance Organization Exposition (MOE) manual

 Maintenance Organizations who desire to offer maintenance services to organizations operating commercial aircraft under JAR OPS1 regulation, have to be approved in accordance to EASA, Part 145 regulation.

This is also valid when an air operator wishes to perform maintenance on its own aircraft.


This EASA requirement is obligatory regardless of the level of maintenance (Line or Base) provided to the JAR OPS1 operator.


Similarly to JAR OPS1 operators, the Part 145 organizations need to prepare and submit to the Authority a specific manual (or set of manuals), called Maintenance Organization Exposition (MOE), describing the way the maintenance is carried out and the related procedures implemented to that scope


The manual is then checked by the local Authority and, after it is found that:

- It is in accordance to the regulation in force, and

- It describes properly the type and level of maintenance requested, and

a satisfactory physical inspection is carried out to the company premises -to verify the implementation of the procedures as described in the manual- an Aircraft Maintenance Organization (AMO) approval, in accordance with the Part 145 regulation, is issued to the Maintenance Organization (MO).


The AMO approval constitutes the legal ‘recognition’ the organization needs, in order to offer maintenance services on aircraft engaged in commercial operations, in accordance with the classes and ratings included  in the approval documents issued by the Authority.


 Through the Maintenance Organization Exposition (MOE) manual the organization describes the duties and responsibilities of the company personnel, the procedures set and the documents used to fulfill the requirements of the regulation in force.


 General directives on the requirements to be fulfilled are set in the ICAO documents. ICAO member States should follow these directives to assure proper operation and control of their AMOs.

To cover these directives, EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency, European Union) and FAA (Federal Aviation Administration, USA) have issued related regulations and procedures to be implemented and followed by the operators and the Authorities, respectively.


 The content of the MOE manual, for MOs offering maintenance services to companies operating under JAR OPS1, is described in EASA regulation Part 145.


Since the MOE manual describes the whole company personnel duties and responsibilities, as well as the company procedures to implement, it is understood that this manuals is customized to the specific type of maintenance level and ratings each MO is approved for. Conformity Report is also included.


Our company personnel (Technical Operations Department) is well experienced in the preparation of these manuals, as well as in the customization of the procedures to the organization working mode and personnel capabilities. Slight collaboration with MO’s  managerial personnel will be required -to finalize and describe in the MOE- the internal working procedures, before the manual submission to the Authority for approval.


The rest of the programs described in this site are required to run smoothly a Maintenance Organization based on a ‘minimum personnel’ basis, by keeping electronic type records and documents and providing data on customer aircraft.

They also help to present company running data, contributing to the satisfaction of any Authority inspection and request, against the regulation in force.


Visit the rest of our pages for more details on each program.


How to proceed

Download the Customer Information file and fill up the related section (‘Part 145 Info’ sheet). You will receive our quote and instructions of how to proceed to the manual preparation.

Data to be included but not required for the preliminary MOE manual preparation (ie special tools listings, certifying staff names and type ratings, etc) may be discussed later during the MOE finalization.


Please contact us for any questions regarding the manual preparation, regulations and procedures. We will be happy to provide a solution to any company setup problem.


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You will see how easy it is -through our programs- to offer CAMO services to your air operator customers. Also, take a look to the rest of our programs. You may find something very interested for your company.


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